25 Best Turkish Abaya Designs For Sale 2017

We saw the massive update of Turkish abaya designs in this year and we try our best to find out modest style and shop online that worldwide shipping for Turkish style.

We browse more than 50 online shopping based on Turkey and other European country and carefully choose each of their product, material used, price, designer, easy for you to purchase and also what make each of the items that may love by the customer.

We divide the following design into 2 categories coat and dress.

Here are the best new arrival abaya designs for sale on this year.

Modest Turkish Abaya Coat Designs

We may say the modern abaya coats made in Turkish are the best designs offer you abayas crafted with delicate details and high-quality fabrics. These elegant and statement defining open abaya jacket give ultra-modish look to fashionable.

1. Two Tone Long Blazer Abaya

whiteturkish coat abaya design

Price 1,085 USD design and sale by Bouguessa.

2. Deep Maroon Coat

red turkish abaya coat

Price $79.95 design and sale by Suelle Boutique.

3. Navy Blue Zippers Jersey Abaya

 blue abaya coat turkish

Price 89.00 USD and sale by Lanalik.

4. Grey Modern Coat

 turkish abaya design

It is one of a kind abaya with modern cut and elaborate design, long jacket-style abaya in grey with quilted panels and sleeves. Zippers at the front and cuffs, as well as belt at the back to adjust preferred fit.

This coat made of thin melange suit fabric 20% rayon and 80% poly. Handwash in cold water.

Price 109.00 USD sale by Lanalik.

5. The Royal Blazer

THE ROYAL BLAZER turkish design

Model and design by Aleera Hijab.

6. Semira Removable Hooded Stamped Kaban

black turkish abaya coat

The product is lining. The judge is caught, kneeling under knees. It is closed with zipper up. Removable feather detail, hood and removable pockets.

Sale by Tesettur.

7. Coat Nur

abaya coat made in turkish

Price $ 112.50 design by Nurbanu Kural and sale by Bahyezen.

8. TopCoat

 stylish turkish abaya coat design

Price $ 41.01 design by Fahima and sale by Bahyezen.

9. Nurkombin Leopar Desenli

leather turkish abaya coat

Price $ 56.06 designed by NurKombin and sale by Bahyezen.

10. Kayra Pardesu

 best grey blue turkish coat abaya design

Price 90.13 USD sale by Tesettur.

Turkish Abaya Dress Design

Turkish abaya design has characteristic and it is not easy to find modern abaya look and very few shops offer trendy and stylish design. But, these are the best we found.

13. Clear Lace Ice Blue Dress

 ice blue abaya turkish abaya

The ice blue design comes with the arms straight cut and non-cuffed, 5 unused pearl buttons on the front and lace details on the edges and the skirt part is lined with a dress that is cut with a vervet.

Price $103.00 sale by Jeddid.

14. Simple Abaya Design – Red Anka

red turkish abaya designs

This design featured Lycra crepe fabric with lining, bird eye details in arm part, the dominant collar, the belt from the dress fabric and the skirt that cuts the pile.

Price $90.00 sale by Jeddid.

15. Black Abaya Dress

 turkish black abaya design

Price 44,90 USD design and sale by Neva-Style.

16. Mila – Embroidery Dress

turkish abaya design with flower embordy

Price $100.00 design and sale by Rana Hijab.

17. Blush Lace Embellished

turkish abaya dress soft purple

Featuring contrast lace paneling below the half turtle neckline and along the sleeves. A ladder cutout trim along the seams and waistline and features long sleeves with self-tie laces.

Price 39.81 USD sale by Urban Modesty.

18. Ribbed Zozan Dress

 rana zenn turkish abaya design

Product Detail: The product is made from imported crepe fabric, lined, dominant collar and back zipper. The belt dress details are in the waist of the handmade dress model.

Price $88.00 sale by Ranahijab.

19. Sakiz

sakiz beautiful turkish abaya

Prise 55,94 USD sale by Alvina Online.

20. Orange Dress

 orange turkish designs abaya

Price 32,90 USD sale by Neva Style.

21. Lace Detailed Black Hijab Dress

black turkish abaya designs

Price 69,90 USD model and design by Neva Style.

22. Lace Detailed Mahogani Hijab

red turkish abaya

Price 64,90 USD design by Neva Style

23. Zahra Lace Long Sleeve

turkish abaya gown designs

Price $73.81 USD by Urban Modesty.

24. Cream Floral Drawstring

 modist turkish abaya design

Price $49.73 USD by Urban Modesty.

25. Black Silver Turkish Dress

 black silver abaya turkish

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