25 Most Stylish Abaya Designs 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Nowadays abaya is super cool and chic on fashion market, and it’s high time to get inspired by some stylish abaya designs that you can easily find on shop we mention bellow and repeat yourself to look awesome with inspired model.

At new arrival you’ll find a great range of open front, abaya coat and maxi dress. Don’t forget to check the price compression and what make the design so exclusive.

New Arrival Stylish Abaya Designs on Shop

1. Maxi Blush Pink Kimono

stylish abaya design

Price £49.99

It is a modern and classic design from nisaaboutique.com. The contrasting white lapel and a neat button-fastening front give it a minimal and fresh look. The floor-grazing lengths make it an elegant choice for evening — wear it open over a tailored white pants or gown.

2. Criss-Cross Pockets Abaya

beautiful stylish abaya design black

Price 119.00 USD

This abaya is available closed till waist or fully-buttoned, large front pockets, skirt decorated with double facing folds at the back for extra-stand and regal grace. Designed by Lanalik.

3. Rombene Maxi Dress

classic black stylish abaya

Price $85.00

Modest silhouette, modern style, slightly flared black and white maxi-dress made of jersey and crepe. Long sleeve. High colar. Zipper at the back. Designed by Lanalik.

4. Belleva Tunik Creamy

mid stylish abaya for girl

Price 22.50 USD designed by Wearingklamby.

5. Lace Kimono Nude

 stylish abaya design for pop look

Price 74,90 €

Long Kimono Abaya with small buttons at the neckline and white lace. 100% soft crepe and design by hijabistore.

6. Pleated Black Abaya Coat

stylish abaya coat design

Price 29,90 USD designed by neva-style.

7. Gray-Pink Scarf Dress

stylish abaya dress design

Price $74.00 designed by jeddid.

8. Stylish Green Dress

 turkish stylish abaya design

Price $81.00 designed by ranahijab.

9. Striped Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

modern and stylish design of abaya

Price 34.84 USD

A-line design made to ensure a modest fit and made of 100% Breathable Cotton. Designed by urbanmodesty.

10. Soft Loycell and Linen Abaya

 modest and stylish abaya designs

Price 109.95 USD

This type of abaya trend, crafted in unique Lyocell linen blend, simple and practical, the loose drape is as comfortable as it is modest, while the easy button opening and utilitarian pockets are just the details needed to make this piece the perfect casual and carefree ensemble. Design by shukrclothing.

11. Rich Rouge Rose Kimono

stylish open abaya design

Price £ 29.99 and design by abayabuth.

Gold lace trimming along the panel and Black printed detailing at the back.

12. Acacia Bisht Open Jacket Abaya

 open jacket stylish abaya designs

Price £ 87.99 and design by abayabuth.

Gold embroidery detail on the front and back of the abaya and sheer panel at the bottom with gold embroidery detail.

13. Tahira 2 Peice Abaya

white stylish abaya design

Price £ 67.49 designed by benharad.

14. Samsara Black

stylish abaya design with reat look

Price 105.48 USD

This black abaya designed by Aab with a drawstring just below the bodice, the lower part flows out beautifully.

15. Full Pleat

stylish abaya design with pocket

Price 94.81 USD designed by Aab.

16. Ash High Neck Cotton Abaya

high neck stylish abaya designs

Price £54.99 and designed by inayah.

Cast in ash tone you can balance comfort and ease with modest style. With it’s high neck feature and loose silhouette, you can wear yours alone or layered, with different colours for verstaile style combinations.

Stylish Designs by Model

17. Haneen Alsaify

stylish dubai abaya design

18. Alexa Elena

 unique and stylish abaya design

19. Heaven Lights

 egyp stylish abaya maxi dress

20. Hoops

simple and stylish modern abaya design

21. Hijab Style Miami

stylish abaya and hijab design

22. Color Line Combination

best styish abaya and hijab

23. Zonira Long Cardigan

stylish muslim wear abaya design

24. White Neva Style

 white abaya design stylish

25. Baby Blue

 blue ice stylish open abaya designs

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