Open Abaya Jacket: 20+ Latest Trends To Buy Now

This season, there are a lot of options when it comes to open abaya jacket.

There are long or professional abaya coats, kimono, ethnic pattern lace and oversized jacket to spice up your fall wardrobe this season.

You might be wondering:

We find covers products we think you’ll love. Featured products are independently selected from UK online shop.

The cheapest coat starts from £44 to £800.

But, the first thing to start is what style you want to create and impress yourself not the price!

And here are the open abaya jacket you can buy right now.

1. Black Coral Coatigan £130.00

open lace abaya
2. Coatigan Khaki £44.00

jacket style abaya
3. Coatigan Nude £44.00

long abaya coats
4. Cover Up Beige £75.00

professional long coat abayas
5. Grey Ribbed Cardy £70.00

cheap open abaya
6. Hooded Fleece Grey £69.00

open abaya uk
7. Hooded Kimono £69.00

open kimono abaya
8. Houndstooth Drawstring Kimono £75.00

lightwight open abaya jacket
9. Melange Hoody £80.00

coat style abaya online
10. Oversized Manteaux £79.00

Oversized open abaya coat
11. Plum Coatigan £44.00

professional long coat
12. Poplin Mac Black £80.00

black open abaya
13. Sakura Kimono £130.00

black lace abaya
14. Shirted Kimono Self Print Navy £70.00

Print Navy open abaya jacket
15. Trench Nude £75.00

turkish coat abaya
16. Trench Coat Dusty Blue £75.00

belted open abaya jacket
17. Egg Shaped Houndstooth Coat

black open abaya
18. Lace Up Minimal Long Cardigan

black open abaya jacket
19. Semi Fitted Tweed Long Blazer

professional black long coat abayas
20. Turkish Coat Style Abaya

Turkish Coat Style Abaya
21. Black Lace

Black Lace
22. Navy Blue With White Lace

Navy Blue With White Lace
23. Simple Design

Simple Design

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