Top New Abaya Designs For Trendy Look On 2017

This year the islamic abayas designers are competing to make new abaya designs from classical butterfly, simple casual, elegant to modern styles.

They use variety materials of high quality fabric, colour choices and shapes because this fashion trend is not only synonymous for Arab women but also for all Muslim women in the world.

The latest abayas model mostly of the coloured and linen, variety the colour combination and the design of embroidery looked pretty.

Today, Muslim fashion designer and stylist offering some of abaya models which are a combination of classical style, kimonos design, modern minimalist design, Dubai style and other.

We try to choose the best design for your perfect style for day, night, casual or formal wear. Find your perfect abaya whether it is oversized, casual, flared or high necked.

New Simple Abaya Designs

Simple designs but far from basic remain a favorite in this year because the charm created is very different and your beauty looks more natural. Here, abaya dresses that not hard to adjust with your hijab and shoes.

1. Striped Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

modern and stylish design of abaya

34.84 USD

2.   Classic Chic

2 Classic chic by Nabilah Kariem v
By Nabilah Kariem

3. Navy Cotton Blend

new abaya designs


4. Turkish Styling

abaya coat made in turkish


5. Simplycity Black Abaya

5 SIMPLYCITY Black and White Beauty Jilbab by islamic design house


6. Zardozi Abaya Blue

8 Zardozi Abaya Blue by Aab


7. Long Shirt Blue Chambray

9 Long Shirt Blue Chambray by Aab

$83.02 by aabcollection

8.  Abaya Designs With Belt

10 Belted Kaftan Black by Aab

New Abaya Designs in Dubai

Today Dubai abaya designs have started to broaden the industry and create specific lines for particular style such as kimono, casual, street and also style arabia.

9. Flared Skirt and Large Sleeve

new dubai abaya design

Black Almasa

10. Black Embellished Cape Abaya

 new dubai abaya

£ 129.99

11. Kimino With Black Embroidered Lace

open dubai abaya designs

Dark Brown Abaya £67.49

12. Cutting Abaya

new abaya designs stylish

Helwa – Zara

13. Contemporary abaya Navy Blue

 navy blue abaya design in dubai

Swirls Jersey Abaya
$119.00 USD

New Model Abaya Photos

14. Samsara Abaya Azure

11 Samsara Abaya Azure by Aab

15. Samarkand Abaya

12 Samarkand Abaya by Aab

16. Origami Soft Grey

13 Origami Soft Grey by Aab



17. Full Front Open Fine Denim

16 Full Front Open Fine Denim



18. Ivory Beaded Wrap Kimono


19. Dusty Pink And Silver Embellished

25 Dusty Pink And Silver Embellished

20. Rose Brown Velvet Seamed Lace

26 Rose Brown Velvet Seamed Lace

21. Floral Print Maxi

27 Floral Print Maxi

22. Vintage Khaki Kimono With Fringing


23. Rose Brown Rayon Kimono

29 Rose Brown Rayon Kimono

24. Rust Embellished Kaftan


25. Red White Coloured Abaya

31 Red white Dubai abaya

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