How To Wear Abaya To Make You Look More Stylish

Abaya is monotone style for some people, but not today. By choosing the right design and know how to wear abaya you may look stylish.

In this post we share simple steps to make you look fashionable and stylish.

1. Choose Modern Style

open abaya how to wear abaya
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You can find hundreds new abaya designs on online or offline shop from really cheap to crazy expensive price, but choosing the modern look is the key to make you look fashionable like kimono or abaya with belt.

2. Simple Design

how to wear abaya simple

Embroidery abaya is always identical with bridal style and it wear on special moment like attend on wedding party. But, for daily wear you may choose simple abaya designs that help you look natural and also easier to matching with other accessories.

3. Adjust the Colors

 adjust your abaya colour

The biggest mistake wearing the abaya is the color selection, for dark skin woman you may wear neutral colors like grey or pale colors.

4.Combine with Modest Wear

 how to wear abaya with jeans

If you wear open abaya or mid open dress pay attention to your trouser and top, you may combine with jeans or simple model of t-shirt to avoid over stacking look.

5. Matching with Your Hijab

 matching with your hijab

Hijab is also play the role when you wear abaya from color selection and also hijab style.

6. Shoes and Bag

shoes and bag abaya style

The shoes and bag you wear will tell your style, high heels and leather handbag make you look feminism while sneaker and backpack for street style.

7. Adding Little Accessories

adding little accecories

Adding simple accessories like sunglass and watch or bracelet.

If you have more tips on how to wear abaya we love to see on the comments.

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