31 New Black Abaya Designs For 2017 You Have Look Before Shopping

All of us know abaya always synonymous with black color and there are so many new black abaya designs appear this year including fresh looks black abaya dress, updated classics, open front style and even some favorites of black Saudi designs.

These cool black abaya 2017 ranges from simple to unique design, it can be seen in many styles and may be open or clasped at the top, letting them flow as the wearer walks, revealing the fashionable outfits underneath.

All created by the top designer with different purpose to make woman look more feminine, elegant or classic.
Whatever your favorite style, check out 31 of our favorite designs.

If you want more model photos, you may check on our simple abaya and new abaya designs.

Black Abaya Dress Designs

We chose designs number 1 to 5 from Marion Abayat located in Kuwait, their creations look quite unique and stylish. While at number 7 to 10 the abaya dress design by Haneenalsaify, she is stylish and designer from Qatar.

1. Black + Golden Embroidery

black gold abaya design

2. Black Hadi 19777

 black dress abaya design

3. Best Black Luxury

best black luxury abaya design

4. Simple Chic Black

black simple abaya dress

5. Black + Silver Pattern Embroidery

black embordiy abaya design

6. Black Umbrella Gown

black abaya gown
Black abaya gown

Model and design by mir.099

7. Beauty + Umbrella Arm

elegant black abaya design

8. Elegant Black

elegant black abaya design

9. Black + Grey Side

simple black dress abaya

10. Feminism Ambordy

black abaya arabian design

Black Abaya Open Front Designs

11. Half Open Front

hlaf open front black abaya design

This design made by Athba Collection based on Dubai.

12. Kimono Chic Black Abaya

 kimono chic black abaya design

Model and design by Almasala

13. Black Lace Abaya

open black lace abaya design

Design by Love Elegant

14. Black Versatile Abaya

varstile black abaya design

This shirt abaya from Solano Collection it’s so versatile you can wear it as open duster jacket too. Model by Zaraazii.

15. Dubai Kimono


Dubai Kimono

Designed by Hijabi Store

16. Velvet Floral

littlecoveredbook black abaya design

Model by little covered book and designed by hidden gems hijab.

17. Ascia Front Open

ascia front open black abaya design

Designed by Biah.

18. Emirati

 black gold abaya design with cream

Ruhi kimono embroidered abaya and safa cotton slip in caramel design by Biah

19. Kufic Art Kimono

 Kufic Art Kimono black open front abaya

Designed by Aab Collection

20. Jalabiya Dubai Style

open abaya transfaran

Designed by Shaya Design

21. Black Transference

open abaya

Design by Echo.ae

Black Abaya Saudi Designs

22. Beautiful Hand Embroidered

 saudi abaya

23. Thread Embroidery

dubai abaya mit

24. Crystal Embellished

 black saudi abaya

25. Elegant Silk

black saudi abaya

26. Al Suhayl Abaya

5 Nukhbaa Black Casual abaya design

27. Nukhbaa Black Casual

saudi abaya A classy abaya with golden aztec

Designed by Nukhbaaa

28. Classy Abaya With Golden Aztec

 Simple yet elegant saudi abaya design

29. Zahra Black

saudi arabian abaya design


30. Vintage Rose

abaya fashion style

31. Black Golden Saud

2 black butterfly abaya belt

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