37 Amazing Abaya Designs With Belt 2017 You Never Seen Before

Ladies, let’s review your options for your next visit to the abaya shop. This is an awesome collection of the most popular abaya designs with belt as we head into 2017.

We have gathered 37 cool modern abaya styles that will work for most women including workwear, holiday, daywear, or formal.

In this collection of abaya designs with belt you will find options for midi and full length type.


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The abaya featured in this post are amazing work from top shop and personal account designer from some country like Turkish, UK, USA, Dubai and Indonesia.

Top New Abaya Designs With Belt

1. Blue Workwear

1 Blue Workwear abaya with belt

Model and Designed by Hijabinstylemiami

2. Black Butterfly Abaya Belt

2 black butterfly abaya belt

Model and Designed by Mir.909

3. Abaya Belt and Black Hijab

3 abaya belt and black hijab

Model and Designed by Sue.meyraa

4. Casual Navy and Flower – Turkish Abaya Design.

4 casual navy and flower abaya designs with belt

Model and Designed by Senaseveer

5. Navy with Stone Work

5 navy with stone work abaya designs with belt

6. Plisado Maxi

6 Plisado Maxi abaya designs with belt

Model and Designed by Aab

7. Paloma Abya Belt

7 Paloma Abya Belt abaya designs with belt

8. Frangipani & Jali Chiffon Silk

8 Frangipani & Jali Chiffon Silk

9. Takchita Black Color Designer Handmade Arabic Moroccan Style

9 Takchita Black Color Designer Handmade Arabic Moroccan Style

Model and Designed by Kolkozy

10. Zeniaa Rust Black Kaftan

10 Zeniaa Rust Black Kaftan

11. Black Sequined Abaya

11 Black Sequined Abaya

12. Elegant Design with Belt

12 Elegant abaya design with belt

13. Blue Evening

13 Blue Evening

14. Stripe Fleece Blend Activewear

14 Stripe Fleece Blend Activewear

15. Nir Raamyaa

15 Nir Raamyaa

16. Nir Raamyaa Dubai Design

16 Nir Raamyaa Dubai Design

17. Nukhbaa Beige Casual

17 Nukhbaa Beige Casual

18. Black Unlined Crew Neck

18 Black Unlined Crew neck

19. Amber Pearl Open Abaya

19 Amber Pearl Open Abaya

20. Mink Gemstone

20 Mink Gemstone Abaya

21. Black Flow

21 Black Flow Abaya

22. Shiren

22 abaya design with belt

23. Velvet Tuxedo

23 Velvet Tuxedo Abaya

24. Asymetric Pleated

24 Asymetric Pleated Abaya


25. Blue Victorian Maxi

25 Blue victorian maxi

Model and Designed by Benharad

26. Cream Hidaya Dress

26 Cream hidaya dress

27. Navy Blue Prino Damask

27 Navy blue Prino damask dress

28. Grey Tweed Effect

28 Grey tweed effect abaya

29. Long Dubai Summer Casual

29 Long Dubai summer casual

30. The Prairie Jean Solidify

30 The Prairie Jean Solidify

31. Purple Solidify Jersey

31 Purple Solidify Jersey

32. Charcoal Ruched Abaya

32 Charcoal Ruched Abaya

33. Amira Denim Abaya

33 Amira Denim Abaya

34. Denim Placket Jilbab

34 Denim Placket Jilbab

35. Eventide Blue Embellished Gown

35 Eventide Blue Embellished gown

36. Anatolia Maxi Dress

36 Anatolia Maxi Dress

37. Princess Royal

37 Princess Royal

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